About Rebecca

Ms Rebecca Kirkland

Carer Support Worker

Rebecca is a Mum and was a carer of a daughter who developed Anorexia Nervosa at 19, who is now well recovered and a Mum herself.

Rebecca has been able to reflect upon the gap in Carer support accessible 6 years ago when she was looking and understands the challenges and frustrations of a carer’s role. Her work in facilitating a Carers Collaborative Skills Workshop through The Butterfly foundation has led her to see the need and value of one-on-one carer support.

“There is no question in my mind that the more educated on the topic you are, the more carer skills you learn and the more supported you feel, the better equipped you will be to aid your loved one’s recovery journey.”

Coming from a nursing background, Rebecca is drawn to caring for others and appreciates the value of being listened to and empathically understood. She looks forward to having the opportunity to share her understanding and to be able to care for carers as part of this ED support team.