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Medicare Eating Disorder Treatment Plans (EDP)

This link will take you to Inside Out’s webpage for General Practitioners. It provides in-depth information about the EDP referral process. There is a template for completing the plan itself, as well as access to the Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q) which needs to be administered as part of the assessment.

Here is a visual summary of the referral pathway

Medical Monitoring of Eating Disorders

All staff at Balanced: Mind Body Life have knowledge of potential medical complications in eating disorders and are vigilant in looking for and asking about any warning signs. However, we do not have medical training and rely on our clients’ GPs to keep a close eye on their health.

We find that GPs often report that they have not had a lot of specific training on the monitoring of Eating Disorders. If this feels true of your experience, the Centre for Excellence in Eating Disorders have developed a concise yet thorough guide to the recommended tests, ongoing monitoring, and indications for hospital care that you can access here.

A more in-depth document has been prepared by the Academy for Eating Disorders:

Eating Disorders: Critical Points for Early Recognition and Medical Risk Management in the Care of Individuals with Eating Disorders

It is standard practice for Psychologists who work with Eating Disorders to have a ‘non-negotiables’ contract as a required condition of treatment. Our non-negotiables are based on the CEED guidelines referenced above.

National Practice Standards for Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders require some specific knowledge to treat. This document sets out the workforce core competencies required in order to ensure that clients receive safe, evidence-based, and effective care.