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Eating Disorder Dietician Hobart

A variety of fresh, green vegetables and lemon slices artfully arranged on a pale green background, representing the balanced, nourishing dietary approach offered by our Hobart Eating Disorder Dietitian service.

Our Hobart based Dietician offers a gentle, non invasive and collaborative approach to assisting client facing eating disorder and other diet related challenges.

Our Eating Disorder Dietitian service in Hobart offers personalised and compassionate support for individuals navigating eating disorder recovery and general nutrition needs. Led by our dedicated Dietician Georgina Taskunas our service goes beyond conventional dietetics. She provides specialised care for eating disorders while also offering comprehensive support for general nutrition concerns. Through individualised assessments and tailored meal plans, we work collaboratively with clients to establish a balanced and nourishing approach to food.

Georgia’s approach is non invasive and she works to ensure that her clients move at a pace they are comfortable with to shift habits and mindset gently with a focus on progressing and maintaining that progress. You can book appointments directly with our Dietitian through our recently created online bookings page, ensuring convenient access to our services. Our approach prioritises holistic wellbeing, addressing nutritional concerns while considering the emotional and psychological aspects of eating disorders.

Whether you’re seeking support for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, or general nutrition guidance, our Dietitian provides a safe and supportive space for healing and growth. Through ongoing support and guidance, we empower individuals to reclaim their relationship with food and embrace a healthier, more fulfilling life.