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Balanced: Mind Body Life was founded in 2020 when Clinical Psychologists Dr Meg Scanlan and Jodie Kink merged their own practices together with the vision of creating a holistic, multidisciplinary service. Our mission is to support our local community to better understand their unique minds and bodies and improve their quality of life.

Our practice is specifically well-known as a leading provider of private outpatient treatment for eating disorders in Tasmania. Eating disorders are one of the most complex and challenging psychiatric illnesses to experience, and to treat. Many of our clinicians have specialist skills and training in eating-disorder specific assessment and therapy, and have a commitment to ongoing professional development in this area. We work together as a team, and collaboratively with local GPs and public services to support clients and their families through their recovery. While our service recognises the importance of early intervention, we also believe that recovery is possible for everyone.

The team at Balanced are committed to inclusive, individualised, evidence-based care. Our collective treatment approach is:

  • Trauma-informed: we take a collaborative approach to treatment, taking care to ensure clients feel safe and ultimately empowered to trust us to support them with their healing
  • Neuro-affirming: we take a strengths-based approach to developmental differences, adapting therapy to help clients come to understand and appreciate their neurodivergence and own unique identity
  • Weight-neutral: our practitioners accept and respect body diversity and provide care which supports the enhancements of physical and mental health for people of all body shapes and sizes.