Our Philosophy


Balanced: Mind Body Life has been established as the first step in the development of a holistic practice with a focus on the treatment of Eating Disorders of all types.  At this practice there is a commitment to quality professional development and the provision of client-centered, evidence-based treatments.

Eating Disorders are serious mental health conditions that arise from a combination of genetic vulnerability and the raft of stressors that can be experienced as we move through life.  These conditions can have long-term physical complications in addition to the psychological distress that is experienced.  We subscribe to the ‘Nine Truths about Eating Disorders’ put forward from work by Dr Cynthia Bulik, which can be found here .

These are the goals that we have for our clients:

  • They will learn how they came to have an Eating Disorder
  • They will gain insight into patterns in their thinking, emotions, and choices about food and exercise
  • They will develop strategies for making choices that will take them towards greater wellbeing
  • They will make peace with their bodies.

While there is no one factor that consistently predicts the best outcome for people who have an Eating Disorder, we do know that early treatment is very important.  Recovery is possible at any stage of these illnesses, but a longer duration almost always means that patterns are more entrenched and treatment is likely to take longer.  It is not unusual for people to think they are not unwell enough to need assistance with their disordered eating.  However, at Balanced: Mind Body Life, we believe in early intervention.

If you are concerned enough to be reading this page, chances are it is worth following up on with your GP, or you can give us a call.